Gator Breakdown: Skyler Mornhinweg

During the summer, GatorNation will analyze each of the scholarship players on the Florida roster -- excluding the Gators’ 2013 recruiting class -- in our Gator Breakdown series. Starting with No. 1 Quinton Dunbar, we will go through the roster numerically, finishing with No. 97 Brad Phillips.

No. 17 Skyler Mornhinweg

Redshirt freshman quarterback

Expectations for 2013: Mornhinweg’s situation is similar to that of Tyler Murphy: Nobody wants to see him on the field except for the final minutes of a blowout. Any other playing time would mean that starter Jeff Driskel and Murphy are hurt. The 6-foot-2, 208-pound Mornhinweg and Murphy battled in the spring to be the No. 2 quarterback and while both struggled, Murphy earned a slight edge heading into August practices.

Best-case scenario in 2013: Mornhinweg isn’t as mobile as Murphy and doesn’t have a very strong arm, but he is a coach’s son and has a good football IQ. He’s just not as consistent as he needs to be. Solve that and he can overtake Murphy to be Driskel’s top backup.

Worst-case scenario in 2013: Driskel has missed a game in each of his first two seasons because of ankle injuries and his style of play puts him at higher risk of sustaining another injury. A long-term injury to Driskel would be devastating to the offense. Neither Murphy nor Mornhinweg is starter material.

Future impact: Every program has a player like Mornhinweg. He’s never going to see the field – except in a real emergency – but he’s intelligent, stays out of trouble, is good in the locker room and meeting room, and is willing to help younger players.