Picking an all-time UF team no easy task

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- One of the best things about sports is that the discussion continues long after the games are over.

Strategy, plays, mistakes, coaching decisions endlessly debated for years. Decades, even.

And one of the most-debated questions is: Who’s the best?

And in our case, who’s the best Florida football player? Who’s the best quarterback? Offensive lineman? Linebacker?

That naturally leads to another question: Which one of those guys would you take if you were coming up with your own all-time Florida team?

Which in turn led to: Let’s do that. Let’s select an all-time University of Florida team.

Not just one team, though. That’d be too easy. Let’s get some guys together and each select an all-star team. Fantasy football style, with a draft.

So we did.

First, the parameters: Myself, SEC blogger, and UF grad, Edward Aschoff, and former UF offensive tackle Mike Pearson each drafted a team. Why are we qualified to do this? The bosses are still wrestling with that question.

Each of us was charged with selecting 24 players -- an offense, a defense, a kicker and a punter. We had some flexibility with the roster, using a 3-4 or 4-3 defense and selecting either three wide receivers or two receivers and a tight end and Anyone who ever wore orange and blue was eligible to be drafted.

For those familiar with fantasy football, we conducted a snake draft. The first round went me, Pearson and Aschoff and the order was reversed in each subsequent round. Why did I get the first pick? Because age goes before beauty.

The teams will be revealed Tuesday, and we know there’s going to be a lot of debate among fans. Probably not about the No. 1 overall pick (think burly QB), but pretty much every other selection. And we welcome that. This was supposed to be a project that would get people talking.

The fans will be praise and scorn.

There will be questions.

Like defense or offense first? The legendary skill players collected by Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer or some of the burly defensive linemen or ball-hawking defensive backs?

Or, will Mike draft himself? Will Edward take any player that played before the 1990s?

Fans will surely criticize some players going higher than others or not being taken at all.

You can also vote on which person drafted the second-best team behind mine.

It’s going to be a blast.