The AggreGator: #SCTebow

SportsNation loves them some Tebow. Jeff Gross/Getty Images

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Tim Tebow took over SportsCenter today. So, rightly, here is your Daily Tebow.

America's favorite pro athlete

In the 18 years of the ESPN Sports Poll, there have been just 11 different athletes crowned as America’s favorite active pro athlete (by month). With Tebow leading the December 2011 poll, he becomes the fastest and earliest any athlete has assumed the top position since the inception of the poll in 1994.

Cross-Sport Power rankings

The winner is ... duh.

Top Ten Tebow Tidbits

ESPN Stats & Information recaps the amazing numbers from Tebow's big playoff win last weekend.

Tebow Time: By the numbers

A reader requested to see a list of NFL records that Denver quarterback Tim Tebow or the team has set since he took over as the starter in Week 7. Thanks to ESPN Stats & Information, here are the major records that have been set since Tebow took over.

Video: Brady on Tebow: 'He's a Lot for a Defense to Prepare For'

Tom Brady on WEEI discusses facing Tim Tebow and the Broncos a 2nd time

Video: Bigger Star: Brady or Tebow?

PTI debates which QB is the biggest star.

Second Look at Tebow

ESPN's George Smith reports from Foxboro on what the Patriots defense says about their rematch with Tim Tebow.

Theories to explain Tebow

Page 2's DJ Gallo has eight brainy theories to explain the development of the Mile-High Miracle Worker.

Minnesota fan writes love song to Tebow

Kaycee Robertson has found her dream date in Tim Tebow -- all she needs is for him to ask. Instead of just sitting around and waiting for Tebow's call or tweet, she took a big step Wednesday by posting "Ask me on a date, Tim Tebow," on You Tube.

Readers provide top 10 tips to stop Tebow

If you are not a New England Patriots fan, don't you want "Tebow Time" to keep going? When it comes to "storylines," could there be a bigger one than Tim Tebow versus Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl? It could happen.


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Draft picks by former Broncos coach McDaniels (Tebow-Thomas) provide connection for win

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Tebow calls Patriots QB a "prophet" for remark that the two would meet again on field

Tebow heroics will boost Godly debate

Tebow reinvents himself, sends critics running for cover

Steelers stunned by arm of Broncos QB Tebow, not his legs