Monday chat wrap

I'd say we had a pretty successful Monday chat to lead into the holiday season. Here's the wrap from earlier, and here's a preview if you were too busy watching Mickey's Christmas Carol and missed out on the festivities:

Nick (Houston, TX)

Hey Ed...What do you make of the exodus of players from Florida?

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)

i know it seems like a lot (seven in only a couple of days is), but when I talked to people over there, it sounds like no one is panicking. Losing two quarterbacks stings from a depth standpoint, but Jeff Driskel should be back this spring and Will Grier will be on campus. I wouldn't be shocked if UF went after another QB. As for the linemen, only Silberman was making any sort of impact. I don't think Florida coaches are too concerned with these guys leaving, but they have to make up for it in recruiting.

Scratches (B'more, MD)

How surprised were you that AJ McCarron got 2nd in the Heisman?

Edward Aschoff (12:11 PM)

Very, actually. Hats off to him. He has had a great career at Alabama. I didn't have him on my list, but I can see why people were very high on him this year. He was one of the most efficient passers in the SEC, broke the career passing mark at Alabama and threw 26 touchdowns to five interceptions. He's a winner and I'd take him any day to lead a game-winning drive.

Rick M. (Gainesville, FL.)

Ed, with the departure of Tyler Murphy, and 6 other offensive players from the University of Florida, what is going on at UF? It seems to be more than just the normal attrition. #1 TE Kent Taylor is among the departures, and Murphy is the only real viable back up to Driskel. Just wondering what your take is.

Edward Aschoff (12:14 PM)

Taylor caught two passes in two years and couldn't get off the practice squad this year. People around there make it sound like he just wasn't invested. Murphy, that's an odd one, but it sounds like he was ready to prove that he could be a legit D-1 QB. It hurts the Gators with depth, but Grier comes in this spring, which will help and Mornhingweg is still there. I think you are getting the impression that Florida is changing the offense up. Expect more tempo and more quarterback runs.

raygordon reid ( memphis tn 38103)

question to ED ASHCHOFF AT 12.30 pm how many sec teams win bowl games

Edward Aschoff (12:16 PM)

I'm pretty sure the SEC hasn't had a losing record or been tied in bowl play since 2010 and before that it was 2005. With 10 teams in bowls I'm leaning to six or seven. I don't want to tip my hand because I'm sure Chris is reading ...

Jeff (Charlotte)

With Bama, UGA, USC, LSU, most likely A&M and Mizzo all losing their starting QB's, who is in a better spot to step up right away and reload and not have to rebuild?

Edward Aschoff (12:17 PM)

That's a good question. We all know that putting expectations on new quarterbacks doesn't always work out ... I do think that Georgia has the upper hand because a lot of talent comes back on both sides and Hutson Mason has taken some quality reps this year with Aaron Murray hurt. I think the Bulldogs have the best chance of bouncing back with a new QB.