Poll: SEC's most improved team in 2014

The 2013 Auburn team will forever be the standard in the SEC when it comes to going from the outhouse to the penthouse.

The Tigers, after going winless in the SEC in 2012, came within a late touchdown drive by Florida State of winning the national championship a year later.

Who knows when we'll see that kind of turnaround in this league again? Maybe never.

That said, here's your chance to pick the most improved team in 2014 among the four teams in the league that didn't go to bowl game this season. Cast your vote in our SportsNation poll, and we'll unveil the results in the coming days.

Arkansas (3-9) and Kentucky (2-10) have the steepest climbs. Neither team won an SEC game. In fact, the Wildcats have lost 16 consecutive SEC games, while the Hogs closed this season with nine straight losses overall.

Perhaps both teams can take solace in the fact that Auburn lost its last three SEC games in 2012 by a combined 150-21 margin.

Florida (4-8) suffered through its first losing season since 1979, although the Gators did win three SEC games. Tennessee (5-7) suffered through its fourth straight losing season, but the Vols ended their drought against nationally ranked teams with a 23-21 upset victory over No. 11 South Carolina in October.