The 25th anniversary of the 3-point line

In 1986, based on the research presented by Ed Steitz, the secretary-editor of the NCAA basketball rules committee, the 3-pointer was officially introduced into college basketball. Received then with all the enthusiasm of a root canal, the 3-pointer celebrates its 25th anniversary this season. Check out the entire package of stories and videos on ESPN.com.

Billy Donovan, the NCAA's first long-range star

The 3-point shot was vilified by many coaches, but young Rick Pitino saw it as a godsend for his Providence Friars and a career-maker for one Billy Donovan.

The art of recruiting 3-point shooters (Insider)

Pitino was all in from the start with Billy the Kid bombing away (and wearing those short shorts).

Top 25 3-point shooters in the 2012 class (Insider)

Our look at 25 of the best 3-point shooters in the 2012 class features two Gator commits.

Living and dying by the 3 (Insider)

John Gasaway looks at the five major conference teams that are most reliant on the 3-point shot: Florida, Vandy, Michigan, Iowa State and Duke. For the Gators, he says, it's a departure from their frontcourt-heavy emphasis of the last couple of seasons.