Weis' health won't keep him from coaching

Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has a considerable limp and needs a cane to help him get around, but he said his ailing left hip is probably more of a concern for everyone else than it is for him right now.

"Really, not to demean that or downplay it, but it's really not that important how I feel,” Weis said. “We're coaches. We're not players. I can do my job fine. Really, I've got as much gas in the tank as I had at the start of the year. There's no less gas. It's still running on full.”

Weis injured both of his knees in 2008 when he was nailed from behind by one of his own players on the sideline during Notre Dame’s game against Michigan. He suffered torn ligaments in his left knee and broke his right. He had surgery on his left knee shortly after and had his right knee replaced after the season, but those injuries eventually led to problems with his left hip.

Weis is unable to stand for long periods of time. He sits on a cooler during practices and at times on the sideline during games.

Weis said he doesn’t like to use painkillers because they may cloud his mind.

“It’s one thing if you take it at 9 at night, but [if you take it in the morning] then it affects you during the day,” Weis said. “You can’t really do that. Although some people probably wonder if I took them anyway.

“I could have taken more of a muscle relaxer and not had to use [the cane] but I chose rather to have a sharper mind than to do that.”

Weis said he would have his hip examined after the season. He also said he doesn’t believe his hip would hinder his coaching next season.

“I’m going to coach for a long time,“ Weis said. “Remember, I have a kid who is a freshman in college here. Remember the reasons why I came here. So I’ll be here for a while, unless you’re trying to get rid of me.”

Weis accepted the job at Florida because it allowed him to have his entire family close by instead of split among Kansas City (where he was the offensive coordinator with the Chiefs in 2010) and South Bend, Ind., where his daughter Hannah attended a special-needs school. They now own a home in Ocala, where his wife keeps horses, and the city also has a special-needs school that was a good fit for his daughter.

Weis’ son, Charlie Jr., is attending Florida and working with the football staff.