Florida-Florida State quotables

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Players and coaches react to Florida State’s 21-7 victory over Florida on Saturday night. Here are a few key quotes from post-game interviews:

Florida head coach Will Muschamp

"We are a soft football team. That’s the bottom line. I told our guys we are not a physically tough football team and a mentally tough team. Self-evaluation is hard sometimes, but that's the fact. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but soft is not one of them."

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher

"We come in here to win and it hasn’t happened very often. We have won the state championship two years in a row, and that feels very good. I thought our defense played well. It was probably one of the best defensive performances we have had all year."

Muschamp on his team lacking physical toughness

"That’s not the first time they’ve heard it all season. It starts with me, falls on my shoulders -- and and I’m the one that is responsible. At the end of the day you are what you are."

Fisher on FSU's play-calling

"I didn’t call that game as an offensive coordinator. You had to call it the way the game was flowing. We were controlling it and they were having a hard time scoring."

Muschamp on Florida's offense

"We’re doing all we can do. We have to find some better answers. We’ve gone wildcat, we’ve gone to Trey Burton’s package, we've gotten in the 'I', we’ve gotten in the pistol. A lot of different stuff. We're trying. Obviously, it falls on my shoulders and it’s not getting done."

Florida defensive tackle Omar Hunter on the defense

"I felt like we played really well on defense. A lot of guys stepped up. They had to step up and make plays, and those guys that did, did a really good job. On defense we just go out there and do our thing. We don’t worry about offense, special teams -- we just do our job."

FSU defensive back Greg Reid on the win

"I came here my freshman year and it was kind of rough. Just to come here and win period means a lot. We just kept fighting and that’s what it takes to win."

FSU defensive lineman Everett Dawkins on allowing Florida to score a touchdown

"We were just trying to make history and shut Florida out. But, you know, we still got the win, so it’s all good."