Chat highlights: Top questions and answers

Insider subscribers and the staff of GatorNation had some robust conversation on Tuesday night -- our first live chat on the Chompions Club message board. There was plenty of recruiting, spring football and basketball talk with Michael DiRocco, Derek Tyson and Jeff Barlis. DawgNation recruiting writer Kipp Adams even stopped by!

Here are some highlights. You can also check out the complete transcript here.

secrocks2000: Who has been the biggest surprise of the spring so far in all three of your guys' opinions?

Tyson: I think the emergence of Latroy Pittman has been the most surprising thing thus far to me. Not a whole lot was expected out of him, but now it sounds like he could have a big impact next year.

DiRocco: I think that speaks to not only how impressive Pittman has been this spring, but also to how unimpressive the receivers have been as a group. Muschamp said Pittman is blowing by guys on the depth chart.

Barlis: One of the biggest surprises of the spring (certainly in the two open practices we did see) had to be true freshman early enrollee Latroy Pittman, who could be earning playing time at wide receiver this fall. Florida is thin at that position, and he stands out with his physical style.

PensacolaGator96: Who are going after the hardest (i.e. want the most) at QB for the 2013 class?

Tyson: Honestly I don't think the UF coaches even know that. They want to bring a bunch of guys in to compete at camp and start narrowing down options after that. Cooper Bateman is high on the list. He will be visiting UF on Thursday and leaving on Friday. Connor Mitch will be here with his dad this weekend. Kohl Stewart and Cody Thomas are other solid options.

Zander19970113: Where does Florida stand with Laremy Tunsil? Do you see him being a Gator when it's all said and done?

Tyson: I do, but it will probably drag out a while. Here's the big secret -- his mom loves UF.

Barlis: Tunsil is another one of those "backyard" guys. But, he's such a great prospect that many of the top programs in the south are hot after him. I think he might become Florida's most important target in short order.

gatorgangordie: Do you think anyone we have now will decommit?

Tyson: I think the two most likely would be Dillan Lawson or Daniel McMillian. I'm not saying they will, I'm just saying if I had to pick a few guys they would be it. I think McMillian ends up staying. Hard to say on Lawson.

jwren7: I know it's not good to speculate on transfers, but judging by the way this recruiting class size is shaping up, we're going to have some more attrition soon. At what positions could you see guys either leaving early or transferring?

DiRocco: I still think the loser of the QB derby goes despite what they say. ... Wouldn't be surprised to see a receiver or two go -- not that that would be a big loss, anyway. ... [Solomon] Patton and [Ja'Juan] Story were the two guys I was thinking.

Tyson: I don't think any TEs will transfer, honestly. They all bring different styles, and Pease loves to use two-tight-end sets.

magoo1966: What about transfer to or from for Billy D team?

DiRocco: The top candidate in my opinion would be Walter Pitchford, especially if Cody Larson develops a bit more.

Barlis: Casey Prather was a mortal lock of a transfer until he dunkface'd Kentucky freshman Kyle Wiltjer in the SEC tourney and found his confidence

Stay tuned to the Chompions Club for more live chats in the near future.