Podcast: Meyer's return to coaching

Beano Cook makes a lot of predictions.

He doesn't bemoan his losses or gloat about his wins. He should, however, get credit when he is right.

A year ago, Cook predicted Urban Meyer would be the Ohio State Buckeyes' head coach in 2012.

Today on ESPNU's College Football podcast, Cook collects that credit and makes a few more predictions about Meyer and OSU.

"He's going to get his share [of recruits] and he's going to win," Cook says. "And he said he's not going to worry about things that he used to worry about. He said he was at a seminar at ESPN and somebody said, 'Play centerfield. Don't worry about rightfield. Don't worry about leftfield. Just worry about your job.' And that's what he's going to do -- worry about coaching and not worry about everything else. So I think that he learned a lot at Florida. I think he was stressed out."

Cook and podcast partner Ivan Maisel have a thorough discussion about Meyer. Maisel raises the question of Meyer's drive.

"I do wonder whether he can just pick up where he left off," Maisel says. "Because I think that intensity that drove him out of the game is also what drove Florida to two national titles. If he can keep that balance, then he'll get it done. But I'm not ready to automatically just say that he's going to do it."

Cook agrees, but says the winning will come.

"I think he's going to win at Ohio State," Cook says. "It's a lot easier to win in the Big Ten than it is in the Southeastern Conference.

"This guy's good. He proved it at Bowling Green and at Utah and at Florida."

Later, Cook muses about a listener's email question about whether Meyer's departure from the SEC to take his dream job could be compared to the move of Lane Kiffin from Tennessee to Southern Cal. The listener also wants to know if Meyer should face a similar backlash. Cook disagrees, noting Meyer's year away from coaching, but then finds some common ground.

"I think Lane found out quickly that you can win a lot easier at USC than you can win in the SEC," Cook says. "That's a fact of life."

Cook and Maisel also answer a listener email which asks -- why is the SEC considered so much better than the Big Ten?

To kick off the podcasts, the two hosts spend plenty of time talking about the potential LSU-Alabama rematch in the BCS National Championship Game. SEC bloggers Chris Low and Edward Aschoff do the same in their podcast today.