Sherit talks Florida visit, summer plans

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- ESPN 300 defensive end Jordan Sherit (Tampa, Fla./Hillsborough) visited Florida on Thursday with good friend and fellow Tampa resident Vernon Hargreaves III (Tampa, Fla./Wharton).

For Sherit, trips to Gainesville have been something of a regular occurrence this spring. The 6-foot-4, 238-pound athlete has been to Florida three times over the spring. Sherit said he enjoyed the visit with his friends.

"The best part for me was being able to come up to Florida with some local guys that could potentially be teammates wherever we decide to go," Sherit said. "I've been there several times, but it was cool to talk to Vernon and some of the other guys about it and get their thoughts about it and their ideas about the visit."

Sherit, who is ranked as a four-star prospect, said the proximity of Gainesville is appealing to him.

"I've been to USF a lot because it's right here," he said. "I've been to Florida several times, too, and it's nice because I can just get in the car and drive up there and talk some ball with the coaches."

As for upcoming plans, Sherit said he doesn't have a set schedule, but there are three schools he is planning to see over the next month or so.

"I definitely want to go see Georgia, Florida State and Clemson," Sherit said. "I want to see those schools. I've talked with some of the guys in my area and we talked about visiting like five schools that we are interested in, like some schools in the SEC and ACC on the East Coast. I don't have any definite plans yet, but I do want to go see some of those places."

Overall, Sherit said his visit to Florida just increased his familiarity of the program, and Florida is near the top of his list.

"They are high," Sherit said of the Gators. "Today was a day that I didn't have any thing to do. The fact that I can just drive an hour and a half that way, hang out with the coaches for a few hours then head back ... I wouldn't do that to just any school if I wasn't really interested in them. Now it's just a matter of seeing other schools to compare them."