The AggreGator: Tebow edition

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Gators fans have found the antidote for that sour taste that lingered from Florida's 2011 football season, and it's watching favorite son Tim Tebow on Sundays. Every week, it seems, Tebow looks bottled up for three quarters, finds a way to win (six in a row and counting) and then breaks Twitter. Oh, and Mondays have become another amusing ritual for Tebow fans, as they watch the sports world react with a mixture of shock, awe, confusion and admiration.

Here's some, uh, shall we say confusion from the Chicago Bears ...

"It wasn’t anything special that he did," said defensive end Julius Peppers. Linebacker Brian Urlacher went a step further with this shot: "He's a good running back." Tebow responded with his typical deflection and humility: “Coming from a really good player, that means a lot."

What Tebow fans must enjoy most of all is watching the haters eat crow. Well, The AggreGator is serving up one of the Tebowites' most satisfying dishes imaginable this morning. NFL analyst Merril Hoge says he was wrong about Tebow (with Audio!). It's not about what Tebow can't do as a quarterback, Hoge now says; Tebow is a great leader who maximizes his ability.

OK, here's ground zero for your daily Tebow reading ...

Bears-Broncos game recap | Boxscore | Photos | Tebow search

You can also join the very active conversation (5,000 posts strong and still going!) in the Bears-Broncos game comments.

Another stunning chapter in Tebowmania

Tired of Tebowmania? Get used to it. AFC West blogger Bill Williamson has a feeling it will be around for the next 10 to 12 years.

Brady praises Tebow, prepares for Broncos

New England quarterback Tom Brady says he and teammates were glued to the Bears-Broncos game, and he came away impressed with Tebow's throwing ability. Yes, you read that right.

Broncos closer to committing to Tebow

Before Sunday's overtime thriller, ESPN super-sleuth Chris Mortensen reported the Broncos are likely to commit to Tebow as their quarterback of the future (at least 2012).

Tebow pulls out win despite low QB rating

The brilliant number-crunchers at ESPN Stats & Info check in with a look at just how the Broncos won with Tebow's 32.9 QBR.

Tebow's fitting title

John Clayton's weekly Last Call says Tebow is living up to his "Mile High Messiah" nickname. Clayton says the Broncos are the best story in sports, but also writes: "I don't know what it is, but opponents get dumb when they play Tebow."


These Tebow-related stories and blog are not exactly fresh (they're all at least a couple of days old) but they're still solid reads for the Cult of Tebow ...

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Another folk hero is emerging for the Fightin' Tebows, and that's place-kicker Matt Prater, who has been an excellent closer for Tebow. Here's ESPN Stats & Info once again for a look at Prater's prowess, which included two clutch kicks on Sunday -- a 59-yarder to tie the game and a 51-yarder to win it in TebOT.