UF closes on FSU commit Jacob McCrary

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- If the last week is any indication, the recruiting battle for class of 2014 wide receiver Jacob McCrary (Miami/Coral Reef) could be one that keeps FSU and Florida fans on edge.

The 6-foot, 183-pound junior committed to Florida State a week ago but spent Friday night working out for the Florida coaches at Friday Night Lights. After lighting up the competition during the one-on-one drills, McCrary talked about the camp.

“I loved everything here. It was a great opportunity to go against some top competition,” McCrary said. “I hope I did enough to impress the coaches here.”

McCrary’s commitment to Florida State could best be described as ‘soft,’ and a while his more recent visit to Florida didn’t change his status, it might have made the gap between the two schools smaller.

“I’ve been to Florida several times at this point and it just keeps getting better,” McCrary said. “I’m sticking with FSU for now, but there’s a lot of time between now and February 2014, and if things change Florida would definitely be a school I would consider.”

McCrary camped at FSU twice over the summer and said it was a camp that tested his endurance and made him play more physical. Friday Night Lights has been more of a showcase, but as McCrary said there is a lot of teaching being done.

“Coach [Aubrey] Hill is constantly trying to get you to do a little more or do something different,” McCrary said. “After each drill he would say, ‘Try this now or do this a little differently.’ It makes a difference.”

At the end of the day McCrary said he could be in store for a tough decision.

“They are two great programs that have a lot to offer with football and academics,” McCrary said. “So much can happen between now and when I have to make a final decision, so I’m going to stay patient and see how things turn out.”