Getting ready for college football

The games can't come quick enough as we try to put an offseason of turmoil in the rearview mirror. ESPN.com Illustration

Preseason camps are in full swing, so the start of real college football action is just around the corner.

Wojciechowski: Football games will be a welcome respite after rough offseason

Anything will be better than this past offseason. It was so miserable that a historic decision to start a four-team seeded playoff system became a news afterthought.

Schlabach: Missouri, Texas A&M prep for tough SEC tests

Missouri and Texas A&M start their SEC entrance exams in less than a month. Are they ready for the challenges they'll face in their new league?

Welcome to the big league

Texas A&M and Mizzou had plenty of reasons to leave the Big 12 for the SEC. But what exactly have they gotten themselves into? ESPN The Magazine’s Amy Brachmann and Hallie Grossman use interactive graphics to look at how the new kids on the block stack up with the big dogs.

Preseason power rankings

Gators are ranked No. 23

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SEC football with blogger Edward Aschoff

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