GatorNation recruiting mailbag

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- It’s time to dip in to the GatorNation recruiting mailbag and answer your questions. Because of the number of questions we’ve received, we won’t be able to get to all of them today, but we encourage you to ask your questions on our Insider fan forum, The Chompions Club. Astute readers will also notice a new spot on our homepage where you can submit mailbag questions about the Gators and/or UF recruiting at any time. We read every question we receive.

will01811: Derek, does this list sound like the rest of yours: [Jalen] Ramsey, another OL or 2, DeMarcus Walker, Marcell Harris, Alvin Bailey?

A: I wouldn't pencil Ramsey into my mock class quite yet. Florida is trying to get a visit from Ramsey and if he does decide to visit, Florida would certainly increase its chances. After losing Rod Johnson and Josh Outlaw over the last week and a half, Florida will most definitely target another lineman or two. I feel confident Florida will get at least two out of three of Walker, Harris and Bailey and could quite possibly land all three ESPN 150 players.

IPod King: With Florida still looking at CBs does that affect VH3? Didn't he drop USC because of Ramsey committing there?

A: Not at all. Vernon Hargreaves III thought USC was too far from home, and quite honestly his mother pretty much agreed that it was too far. Hargreaves knows Florida would like to add another corner, but that won't change his commitment to Florida in any way. The five-star corner is probably the most talented player I have seen in person over the last two years. He's going to play at Florida from day one, no matter who else Florida signs.

bigcranium13: Where does UF stand with Laquon Treadwell? It seems like he wants to see Florida, but does UF have too far to go with him to get him in this class?

A: There is no question Florida has a long way to go with Treadwell but it is making every effort to do so. Florida head coach Will Muschamp offered Treadwell a scholarship on Monday night. The four-star wide receiver has tweeted a few things about wanting to see Florida, so if the Gators can get him on a visit, anything is possible. As talented as he is, Florida will do all it can to get in the picture for Treadwell. Let's face it, there is still around five months left until signing day. The key will be getting him on an official visit.

eastorwestgatorsarethebest: Do you think there could be any more attrition to this recruiting class?

A: This is a tough question because as we all know, things change on a dime in recruiting. Whether it's a grade issue, off-the-field issues or a player just wants to go somewhere else, there are just too many variables to really know with any confidence if there will be more attrition. As it stands now, I think Florida will keep its remaining commitments.

@hassalinn: Looks like DeMarcus Walker is showing a lot of love to the Vols, any surprises here?

A: In my opinion no, it will be Florida, Auburn or Alabama on Friday, and most likely Alabama or Florida. Whichever school Walker does decide to choose on Friday, his recruitment will continue until signing day.

@JDgator4life: What's up Derek? I haven't heard anything on Devin Washington recently. Any chance we get him if we miss out on Walker?

A: I spoke with Washington, a South Carolina commit, on Monday and he said he has not been in contact with the Florida coaching staff in some time. If the Gators do miss out Walker Friday, the Gators will still continue to recruit Walker but will likely turn up the heat on Ebenezer Ogundeko.