Muschamp regrets easier camp

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida's Will Muschamp has learned a lot of things during his first season as a head coach.

In fact he's got a notebook full of ideas, reminders and reasons why he made certain decisions. He will do some of those same things or make those same decisions in his second season. Some of the things most certainly will change, such as the way he conducted training camp.

It wasn't tough enough, and Muschamp said that's probably the decision he regrets the most.

"Probably the most disappointing thing or poor decision I made was training camp, not having a more physical camp because of numbers," he said. "You get nervous about injuries. You get nervous about situations with guys, as far as having a more physical camp to prepare our team for the season. If I had one thing to say I wish I could change, that would be it."

The reason Muschamp didn't have a tougher training camp is because the Gators didn't have the depth -- especially along the offensive and defensive lines -- to practice correctly or weather injuries. If one or two linemen had gotten hurt and missed any significant time, it could have set the team back in terms of the installation of the offense or defense.

Muschamp said he's going to evaluate every decision he made this season. He'll be questioning every decision. Was it the right decision to make, but the result was not what was expected? Why was the result wrong? Was it the wrong decision that happened to turn out correctly? Will he make that decision again in a similar situation in 2012?

"It's kind of like the guy that gets fired and they ask him, 'Well, what would have done differently?' And he goes, 'I wouldn't have done anything differently,' " Muschamp said. "He would have gotten fired again. Obviously, there's things I would change after a 6-6 season. Joe Torre once said -- as the manager of the New York Yankees -- just because the coaching decision you make didn't work doesn't mean it was the wrong move. Go back and look at the facts that you had at the time you made the decision and why you made the decision. It's no different than game planning. On third-and-8, they're in this personnel grouping, they're on this hash, this is the call we want to make. OK, say the call doesn't work. Why didn't it work? Was it preparation? Did you have a mental error? Was there an issue with the execution? Well, that's preparation. Or was it they did a better job of execution?

"Sometimes, it's easy to sit there when it's over with and say, 'Boy, that was a dumb decision.' But at the end of the day, you go back and evaluate why you made the decision. I'm not saying it was right or wrong, but I wish we had a more physical camp."