Borges not interested in Florida

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges has spent much of the season with his name as candidates for other jobs.

First was the head coaching position at New Mexico, which eventually went to Bob Davie. Then, it was a potential replacement for Charlie Weis as Florida's offensive coordinator.

On Tuesday, Borges said he isn't interested.

"No," Borges said. "This is Michigan, for god sakes. In the noble words of someone we all know and love.

"Next question."

Borges' name surfaced almost immediately as a possible successor to Weis, who departed earlier this month to become the head coach at Kansas.

Had Borges been interested, it would have made sense. He was the offensive coordinator at Auburn from 2004 to 2007 -- the last two seasons on the same staff as Florida head coach Will Muschamp, who was the Tigers' defensive coordinator in 2006 and 2007.

The 56-year-old Borges did not indicate whether or not he had been contacted about the position.

Borges presided over an offense in transition during his first season at Michigan. Prior to his arrival, the Wolverines ran the spread under former coach Rich Rodriguez. This season, the school has run more of a hybrid offense using both spread and pro-style principles and still racked up 423.08 yards a game -- good enough for 35th in the country.

"Change tends to be met with resistance," Borges said. "But the best thing I've learned is to close your mouth and open your mind. If you can do that, you can develop yourself as a football coach and develop as a football team.

"It keeps you on your toes, and at one point in time, you embrace something new. If you have an open mind."