Q&A: Florida PK signee Austin Hardin

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Over the next few weeks GatorNation will have a series of Q&As with Florida's incoming freshmen. Up first is kicker Austin Hardin from Atlanta Marist.

GN: What number will you wear next season?

Hardin: Coach [Will] Muschamp asked me what number I wanted to wear next season. I told him I would like the same number I wore in high school which was 16. He said that was fine.

GN: Who are you planning to room with when you get to Florida?

Hardin: I'm not sure right now. It doesn't matter to me. All the guys seem cool to me. I'll get there for Summer B on June 26th or 28th. It doesn't matter who I room with, though.

GN: What kind of workout or training program are you doing to prepare for next year?

Hardin: I just received Florida's program. I've been working on that some. I also I'm playing my senior season of soccer because I've played all four years that I was here. I've been starting since I was a freshman. So that's eating up a lot of my time, too. When Coach Muschamp was here we talked about it. He said he wanted me to do it because we are a top-three team in the state.

GN: What are you looking forward to the most when you get to Florida?

Hardin: I'm just excited to meet everyone and hang out with the team and have fun with them. I'm also looking forward to getting into a routine like getting to go out to football practice and kick and things like that. I'm just ready to get out there and kick.