Five schools standing out to Sherit

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Four-star defensive end Jordan Sherit of Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough was one of the top defensive ends to participate at the Orlando NFTC on Sunday. But the 6-foot-4, 238-pound athlete's day was cut short when he went down with a shoulder injury during one-on-one drills and was not able to return.

The competitive Sherit was disappointed with the injury but said he was able to take in some valuable coaching lessons during the camp.

"I felt I did well during these drills," Sherit said, "but the one-on-one's I didn't really get an opportunity to do as much as I would have liked. Overall, I thought I learned some things and I did well. I can go back to my school and build on these things and get better all around."

The good news for Sherit is his injury is not serious.

Sherit tweeted on Monday that he suffered a strained rotator cuff and will be week-to-week. He added he should be back for spring football.

Next up for Sherit will be a trip to Gainesville to check out the Gators. Sherit said that it will likely be summer before he can visit other out-of-state schools.

"I'm going to Florida next weekend because it's close to home," Sherit said. "I'm going to bring my mother, she's never been to Florida. I'm excited to get her out there and to show her around.

"Spring football is starting up soon, so we thought we'd get out and see some schools. Most of the in-state schools are recruiting me, so I can probably see them. I don't think I'll be able to go see some of the out-of-state schools during the spring. Hopefully during the summer we can get out and see some of these other schools."

Florida, which just offered Sherit two weeks ago, is one of several schools that are standing out to Sherit right now.

"I'd say probably Florida, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Stanford and Miami," he said. "They are recruiting me hard, they all try to make contact every week if they can. For me that stands out, and I'm glad I get to see that."

Ranked as the No. 16 defensive end in the country by ESPN, Sherit said the Gators are taking a wait-and-see approach as to what position they see him in. Sherit said he could play Florida's buck hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end position or just defensive end.

"They weren't specific," Sherit said. "I have some mobility, so they said they will see how I develop as a player. I'm happy with either position. It's [buck position] a fun position to play. I like how they run in that defense. I'm just looking forward to learning more and talking more to the coaches."

Sherit said Oklahoma visited him last week, and the Sooners have made an impression.

"For one they are putting defensive ends in the league every year," he said. "I like talking to coach Bobby Jack Wright. He came by my school the other day, so it was nice to put a face to a name. I really like what he's telling me about the place. I've heard really good things about Oklahoma. Obviously it's one of the top-notch schools as far as athletically and academically. They have some really good things going on over there, and I'll be excited to get out there and see for myself."

Sherit, who carries a 5.2 GPA, says academics will play a key role in his college decision.

"The school has to have great academics, that's number one," Sherit said. "I have to have a good relationship with the coaching staff and the players, because that is going to be your family for the next four years. I just want to get accustomed to and get a good feel for a school when I visit.

"Once I develop a top five, I want to get out and see some of those schools. Until I see those top five I probably won't make a decision."