Weekend visits: Hungry Gators

Apparently, Florida didn’t get the memo. Huge recruiting weekends are supposed to happen around Midnight Madness. Billy Donovan is hosting a prospect party a week early, and he’s invited five five-star recruits. Seriously, you have to be a bona fide stud to be in Gainesville this weekend.

Here’s the ranking of the players the Gators have on campus: No. 3 2013, No. 8 2013, No. 9 2013, No. 4 2014 and No. 1 2015. Donovan already owns commitments from point guard Kasey Hill and power forward Chris Walker. If he can just land one other player from this visit, it would be an historic recruiting weekend.

Elsewhere, there are talented underclassmen on a number of campuses. Pay close attention to Duke and Texas, as they host high-profile big man targets.

Editor's note: There’s no guarantee all these guys make it to campus. We will update as information emerges on players who drop off these lists or are added. Also, this is merely a snapshot of the country, not the full representation of each program.


Visitor: ESPN 60 SF Malik Pope

One of the elite west coast juniors on an unofficial visit is big news.


Visitors: PF Donte Reynolds, SG Jaquan Brownridge

This is what’s happening in Buies Creek, N.C., this weekend.


Visitors: SG Devonte Boykins, Aaron Augustine, Dusan Kovacevic

Boykins is a junior coming off summer knee surgery.


Visitor: ESPN 100 PF Austin Nichols

As of Monday when Julius Randle tidied up his list and left Duke off, this visit became that much more important.


Visitors: ESPN 100 PF Julius Randle, ESPN 100 PG Kasey Hill, ESPN 100 PF Chris Walker, ESPN 60 C Dakari Johnson, ESPN 25 C Karl Towns

Seriously? One of the best collections of talent for a weekend you’ll see in any year. All-Americans bumping into draft picks this weekend.


Visitor: PG Frank Mason

The Jayhawks are moving swiftly to ensure they have a point guard prospect when the music stops.


Visitor: C Dwight Coleby

Andy Kennedy is ever so close to inching this program into the postseason. Bet he has that conversation with Coleby this weekend.

NC State

Visitor: PF Trevor Manuel

Mark Gottfried and the Pack are not afraid to venture into someone’s backyard for a recruit. This time they have an underclassman from Lansing, Mich. You paying attention, Mr. Izzo?

North Carolina

Visitors: ESPN 100 PF Isaiah Hicks, ESPN 60 PG Shelton Mitchell, ESPN 60 SF Caleb Martin, ESPN 60 SF Cody Martin

Three of the best underclassmen in North Carolina join UNC’s top 2013 commitment. Fellas, cover your eyes when the football game starts.

Ohio State

Visitors: ESPN 100 PF Nigel Hayes, ESPN 100 SF Ishmail Wainright, SF Luke Kennard

The first official visit for the pride of Kansas City, Ish Wainright.

Penn State

Visitors: Abdou Diaw, Marcus Floyd, Pierre Leopold, Ganlandou Cisse

Pat Chambers will need pronunciation guides this weekend.


Visitor: PF Michael Fienke

Matt Painter likes Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. He loves power forwards from Champaign, Ill.


Visitor: G Ridge Shipley

Shipley is one of the tougher kids we saw on the circuit, and Rice would use him as a combo.


Visitors: ESPN 60 PF Ben Bentil, Tilghman Jones, PG Romelo Trimble, ESPN 100 PG Rysheed Jordan

Jordan is not a definite, but it's crunch time and Rutgers has a chance to get him on campus.

South Carolina

Visitors: SG Justin McKie, ESPN 60 SF Theo Pinson, G Donovan Gilmore, ESPN 60 SG Ahmed Hill

Frank Martin has his grove back. After locking up Sindarius Thornwell, he’s fired up about Gamecock football and hosting star junior Pinson.


Visitors: PF Schuyler Rimmer, PF Hunter Myers

A couple of power forwards with Ivy League first names visit the Cardinal. Don’t be fooled, these dudes can play.


Visitor: ESPN 100 PF Tyler Roberson

Will the Roberson recruitment come into focus? Who’s going to get this kid? He’s in the Cuse’s house on Saturday.


Visitors: SF Josh Brown, SF DeAndre Bembry, C Chinoso Okoboh

Fran Dunphy reeled Brown back in after a decommitment, so this will be a celebratory weekend.


Visitors: ESPN 100 SG JaJuan Johnson, C Joel Embiid

Fans in Austin have no idea who Embiid is. Might want to read this. Two terrific prospects are in town for the Horns.

Texas A&M

Visitor: SG Darin Johnson

Johnson has been one of the more diligent visitors this fall, and a decision should be on the horizon.


Visitors: G Michael Williams, G Isiah Wright

It’s the Utes’ turn to try and convince San Antonio’s finest, Williams, to come north and west.


Visitors: ESPN 100 PG Bronson Koening, PF Vitto Brown, SG Riley Dearing, F Malek Harris

The Badgers have a mix of committed and underclassmen in Madison this weekend.