Offense won't change with two QBs

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida's quarterback rotation -- provided Jeff Driskel is cleared next week -- won't result in any changes in the offense.

Both players have essentially the same skill set, so it won't be a situation like 2006, when Chris Leak was the starter and Tim Tebow was brought in as a short-yardage runner or to run the spread option. Driskel and Jacoby Brissett are pretty much the same quarterback, although Driskel is a slightly better runner and Brissett is more of a pocket passer.

"From the schematic standpoint, there's not a drastic difference between the two guys as far as what we do and how we operate, which has been good for our offensive players because they're not trying to field two different styles of offense when one guy's on the field and one guy's not," UF coach Will Muschamp said.

Muschamp also said he is confident that switching quarterbacks won't cause any problems with the Gators' motions and shifts, either. The Gators have practiced situations in which the quarterbacks didn't get the play call until late in the play clock and Muschamp said both handled it well.

"We've been on the 40-second clock since practice one," Muschamp said. "Calling the offense, getting in the huddle whether it's in a no-huddle situation, a tempo situation or it's been a huddle up and call it from the sideline. [Offensive coordinator] Brent [Pease] has purposely held calls late to get the verbiage in late for the quarterback staff to manage those situations, to get to the line of scrimmage, to understand the clock's coming down, to recognize that. I think we've exhausted a lot of measures to make sure that these guys are prepared for this, and I feel very comfortable at this point."


Offensive tackle Matt Patchan will probably not play against Bowling Green because of a strained pectoral muscle, Muschamp said. ... Muschamp awarded scholarships to walk-ons Tim Clark, Scott Peek and Cole Gilliam. ... Tight end Jordan Reed (MCL) has been cleared to resume practicing, and Muschamp said he would play against Bowling Green.