Anonymous jumbo package getting results

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida’s jumbo package on offense has a name, but you can’t get it out of offensive coordinator Brent Pease.

Despite several attempts to get it out of him on Tuesday afternoon, Pease wouldn’t budge. It’s not called sumo or chiefs, which are two names UF coach Will Muschamp offered after the Gators’ 14-6 victory over LSU on Saturday.

“Chiefs is a personnel package,” Pease said.

It’s really irrelevant what the formation -- which features two tight ends, a fullback, a running back and a receiver -- is called. What matters is that it works. The Gators have used it effectively, especially against the Tigers. UF scored both of its touchdowns out of the formation.

On Mike Gillislee’s first touchdown run, the Gators used offensive tackle D.J. Humphries and guard Ian Silberman as the two tight ends. The play called for left guard James Wilson and left tackle Xavier Nixon to pull to the right side between guard Jon Halapio and tackle Chaz Green. They opened a big hole and Gillislee went into the end zone untouched.

"When you look at that one time, there’s seven guys there that are probably 300-plus," Pease said. "What’s your math on that? Seven times three is, what, 2,100 pounds coming at you. I don’t know that I would want that falling on me."

There are other personnel packages the Gators use with the jumbo formation. Tight ends Clay Burton and Tevin Westbrook can be on the field instead of Silberman and Humphries, for example. But using the extra offensive linemen makes it tough for defenses to match that bulk.

"A lot of that is [offensive line] coach [Tim] Davis," Pease said. "He just likes getting big guys out there. You know what they say: Mass kicks a--. So that’s our theory behind it."

Though it was noticeable because it resulted in a touchdown, the Gators have used the formation several times this season, both with and without Humphries and Silberman.

"We’ve used that in every game," UF coach Will Muschamp said. "That’s been something we’ve been using for a while. Both guys [Humphries and Silberman] have done a nice job. I’m very pleased to be able to get those guys involved more because they both deserve to play and the opportunity."