Wayne Gallman on Dravious Wright for hit: 'I wanted somebody to hurt him'

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Clemson running back Wayne Gallman said he expects to play against Florida State after suffering a concussion against NC State on Oct. 15, though he won't practice in full pads before Thursday.

"I'm fine, I'm ready to play," he said Monday.

Gallman went through a concussion protocol during Clemson's bye last week, and while he said he did not experience headaches and does not believe he suffered a concussion, the school had diagnosed him as concussed.

Gallman was knocked unconscious by NC State safety Dravious Wright after catching a pass in the first quarter of the Tigers' win two weeks ago, and he said he doesn't remember anything after that until he returned to the training room nearly 20 minutes later. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said Gallman had argued with trainers that he wanted to stay in the game at the time of the injury, but Gallman said he has no recollection of that.

"I just remember catching the ball, making the move, going north and after that, I don't remember anything at all until I got back to the training room," Gallman said. "It was like I went to sleep and woke up in the training room. I saw a video of myself walking and I don't even remember that."

Gallman returned to the sideline in street clothes for the second half of the game, and as Clemson's chances for winning appeared on life support following two red-zone turnovers, he begged Swinney to let him back into the game.

A little revenge might also have been on Gallman's mind, too. He said he's seen replays of the hit, which does appear to show some helmet-to-helmet contact, and believes Wright's hit was intentionally dirty.

"You saw him lead with his head," Gallman said. "I wanted somebody to hurt him that was in the game if they could. I wasn't able to be in."

Gallman said it was his understanding that Clemson turned the tape into the league for review and the ACC ruled the hit was not targeting. Wright was not penalized for the hit at the time of the play.

Gallman set Clemson's single-season rushing record last year and is the team's leading rusher so far this season. After he left the game against NC State, his replacements -- C.J. Fuller, Adam Choice and Tyshon Dye -- rushed 22 times for 67 yards and coughed up a fumble near NC State's goal line.