ACC recruiting mailbag

With the big game coming up Saturday night, Clemson-Florida State questions dominate this week's mailbag.

@ShaneArrington1 asks: Are there any recruits that would switch to the winner of the FSU and Clemson game? And do any recruits respect Miami?

To the first part of your question, no, not really. There aren't too many cases of FSU and Clemson going to battle over an individual prospect this cycle. There are a couple shaping up in the 2015 and 2016 classes, but with so much time left, there is no way to point to this game as the deciding factor. Now if Clemson or Florida State wins this game and goes on to bigger and better things, it could be a point in time to look back on.

And on to Miami, yeah, I would say so. Seeing as how the Hurricanes are sitting at No. 4 in the country in ESPN's recruiting rankings, they are doing quite well on that front.

@Fenstythenole asks: Are tweets between Malachi Dupre and Marlon Humphrey a sign FSU closes with both?

That's a jump that I'm not comfortable making. Based on trading texts, what you can read into it is that Florida State wants these guys badly. They are putting on the full-court press and doing everything they can to get both of these guy's attention.

Now, if you're looking for a prediction, I say both are headed to the SEC right now. Dupre (River Ridge, La./John Curtis Christian) likely at LSU and Humphrey (Hoover, Ala./Hoover) to Alabama. But a lot can change, and all FSU can do in the meantime is keep winning and continue to show them why it's a place they can go.

@viperfb14 asks: Will FSU land anyone in the top 10?

There's probably only one that Florida State has a real shot at in the ESPN top 10, and that's Humphrey. There are so many ties between Alabama and Humphrey, however, that it is extremely difficult to project him anywhere else but Bama right now. But Florida State is in it, and if it wasn't Alabama, it would be the Seminoles.

The trick here is going to be convincing Humphrey he has a better opportunity to star in multiple endeavors. He's a tremendous runner and will want to run track in college. Florida State will point to guys like Jameis Winston and Ronald Darby as examples. The longer this process goes, the better shot they'll have.