3-point stance: Too many trophies

1. One of the many political minefields that the College Football Playoff must find its way through is all the national championship trophies. The Football Writers Association, Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association and National Football Foundation all “name” a champion and present their trophy on the morning after. It’s a nod to tradition, and as one who loves tradition more than most, it’s time to stop. Those trophies are about the people who present them, not the school that wins them.

2. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher warned about how the College Football Playoff will lengthen the season to 15 games. “These guys don't get to go play in an NFL season,” Fisher said. “They don't get to go rehab all day. They got school. They got study halls. They got things to do. Those bodies at that age aren't developed like a man is. And they say, ‘Well, the lower divisions do it.’ Well, I'm going to tell you something. Just like the NFL is a much more physical game than Division I football, Division I football is significantly different than I-AA, Division II and Division III.”

3. The video of Fisher “sprinting” down the sideline yelling “Go! Go! Go!” as Kermit Whitfield returned a kickoff 100 yards for a fourth-quarter touchdown should be included in any Florida State highlight reel of its victory Monday night in the VIZIO BCS National Championship. Fisher said he came out of that fine but pulled a hamstring when Auburn defensive back Ryan White horse-collared Rashad Greene at the Auburn 23-yard-line on the final scoring drive. “It wasn't called, badly, and I was running down yelling at the referee,” Fisher said. “I did pull a hamstring. I was hopping on that one. I was running on the other one.”