Nothing wrong with Winston's dreams

Despite the clamor, Jameis Winston doesn't have to decide his future just yet. AP Photo

Why does Jameis Winston have to choose?

Football or baseball. Baseball or football. Everyone seems to want to know which is his favorite. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to what Winston’s future should be (the NFL, of course), where his greatest potential lies (between the hash marks, right?), and where he’ll make the most money (first-round draft pick, anyone?).

At just 20 years old -- an age where dreams should far exceed limitations -- Florida State’s Heisman Trophy winner should be encouraged to chase after his pinstriped AND Pro Bowl dreams. Watch this video. Look at how his eyes literally light up as he talks about playing the Yankees.

“I want to do it all,” he said, adding that he’d even catch if they asked him to. “I’ll do anything in that game.”

As it turned out, Winston didn’t do much against the Yankees -- he went 0-for-2 -- but it didn’t matter, because he was as thrilled as any kid would be just to have the privilege of swinging the bat on the same field as one of the worlds’ most storied franchises.

If he never does it again, it wouldn’t be a surprise, but nobody should get in his way of trying.

Every time Winston took the field this past fall, he exceeded expectations -- including bookend performances in the season opener and the national title game. Against Pitt last year, in his debut as a starter, he dazzled us with a jaw-dropping 25-of-27 passes completed for 356 yards and four touchdowns. On the road. In the national title game against Auburn, down by four with 79 seconds left, Winston put together the game-winning drive and capped it with a 2-yard touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds left.

You couldn’t dream up that ending.

The same might be said for his professional career.

“I can’t make no decision right now,” he told "SportsCenter."

He shouldn’t have to, either.