DL Davin Bellamy sets Aug. 1 decision

Davin Bellamy (Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee) is down to just two.

The ESPN 300 defensive end, who has Florida State and Vanderbilt as his finalists, is approaching a public decision. A choice that could be made next week.

"For now, it is August first," said Bellamy of his announcement date. "I did talk to my coach and August 11th is Chamblee High School football's media day. After I talk to him and make sure that we won't be doing any full-contact on that day. I don't want to push it back to the 11th and we start full-contact hitting and I get a major injury. Right now, it is the first, but chances are it could get moved to the 11th.

"These are the two schools that have been in it since day one."

Florida State's appeal lies primarily with the coaching staff. Coach D.J. Eliot has turned out some impressive numbers along the edge for the Seminoles' defensive line of late. And Dameyune Craig's personality has made an effect.

"With Florida State, I really like what Coach Eliot has done with the defensive line," Bellamy said. "They are usually in the top five with sacks and he teaches his defensive ends how to stop the run and rush the passer. A lot of schools just teach how to rush the power. I think that helps them at the next level. I have formed a relationship with Coach Craig, my recruiting coach, by far the best recruiting coach that I have. The area, the scenery and the campus is an advantage for Florida State."

The up-and-coming Commodores, though, present all kinds of opportunity.

Uncharted waters of success and renewed excitement in the recruiting world have coach James Franklin and Vanderbilt on a roll. The 6-foot-5, 225-pound end sees a chance to leave a mark.

"Vanderbilt is one of the first five schools to offer me," said Bellamy. "They have been in contact with me ever since March. I feel like I can go there and change the perception and the energy of the defense and see what I can help build. I feel like I can help change Vanderbilt forever and SEC football."

Bellamy's senior campaign now lies just a few weeks away. Getting this announcement over and done with is a priority for him.

"I am really excited and I just want to get this over with now," he said. "Even though I know I have until February, and there are some schools out there, but I just want to focus on making myself a better football player and help my team get to the next level. "

If the four-star recruit's mind isn't already made up, it will be soon. Bellamy and his mother will travel to each campus.

Then Bellamy will know where he is headed. For now, anyway.

"Before I announce, I am going to take my mom down to Vanderbilt on Friday and then we will be at Florida State on Saturday," said the Chamblee High School star. "I want to get her perspective on things, how she feels about it. I will know where I am going -- after this weekend, I will definitely know. But anything can happen between now and February. Wherever I announce to on August first, it may not be the place."