2014 OL Garrett Brumfield eyes FSU

Just a week after hosting hundreds of prospects for football camp, Florida State had a top-flight offensive line recruit come in for his own unofficial visit.

The Seminoles' defensive ends coach D.J. Eliot scouted Garrett Brumfield (Baton Rouge, La./University Laboratory) during the spring and liked what he saw. Fast-forward a couple of months and Brumfield picked up the phone and planned a trip to Tallahassee.

"I contacted Coach Eliot and I was able to set up an unofficial visit last Friday," explained the 6-foot-3, 254-pound guard. "So we took a trip down to Florida -- it was about seven hours, actually. When I got there, I was able to meet with all the staff, take a tour of all the facilities, we ended up touring the locker room. Got a chance to watch the highlight tape. It was pretty good. Ended up meeting with Coach [Jimbo] Fisher in the end and he offered me in his office."

The Seminoles joined Florida, Louisiana Tech, LSU and Miami as teams who have extended an offer.

Fisher, as he does with many recruits, wanted to see Brumfield in person. Seeing that he had ability on video clips was easy, but getting to know the person in the football pads was important.

"He hadn't actually seen my film until earlier in that day," Brumfield said. "He said that he really liked my flexibility and my whole lower body -- he said I was very explosive in my lower body. He was also saying that on the film, you kind of see one guy, but me being able to come down there and see what kind of guy I was and see my character and things like that."

Brumfield did get a chance to meet with offensive line coach Rick Trickett before he had to depart for a meeting. The veteran assistant also expressed his desire for the junior offensive lineman to come to Tallahassee.

"Florida State, I was very glad I got that offer," he said. "Florida State is probably one of my, I guess you could say, favorites right now. I really enjoyed going down to Florida State. I really loved the whole experience."

Just a matter of days before the high school practices begin for yet another season, Brumfield's window of opportunity to make any more trips has closed.

This fall, though, he will try his hardest to make some unofficial visits to schools of interest.

"I will probably go to some LSU games since I go to school pretty much right on their campus," he explained. "I am pretty sure I will end up going to some LSU games. I am not sure about others, I mean, I will try to make it to some others, but I know I am going to LSU because it is right there."

In this modern era of college football, most schools have extravagant facilities and pristine practice fields to go with the best coaches in the game. The difference for Brumfield will come down to his comfort level.

"What I really like is how people really make you feel at home at some places you go to," he said. "Like when I went down to Florida, you know, I felt more at home than I do in my own city. I like that feeling."