2015 RB Jacques Patrick stays motivated

As far as 2015 prospects go, not many have had the publicity and become as well known as Jacques Patrick (Orlando, Fla./Timber Creek).

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound running back already has the who's who of offers under his belt including Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Mississippi State and UCF. And yes, he hasn't even played a down as a sophomore yet.

Patrick wrapped up a summer tour just a few weeks ago. It brought him to several ACC and SEC campuses.

"I camped at Alabama," began Patrick. "Well, I wasn't planning on camping there, but I camped there and after that they offered me. It was real good there. I went to Georgia, too. Coach Richt wasn't there, so I wasn't able to get an offer from them then.

"Nick Saban, he was intense. He didn't even smile."

Patrick made a stop in Tallahassee on the way home for Jimbo Fisher Camp, but did not participate. His offer from Florida State was already secure and he had some cheerleading to do.

"It is a prestigious program, of course," Patrick said of the Seminoles. "They were my first offer. You'll never forget your first offer. I have a real good relationship with Coach Trickett. I like the school.

"I have toured the campus before, but I came to support my brother."

Jostling for attention from colleges among his peers isn't going to be a problem in the future, Patrick knows. For all intents and purposes, he's already got it made.

But he's not in any kind of rush to have his decision over and done with.

"Probably late junior year, yeah, late junior year," he said of a tentative timeline.

Patrick thinks his position isn't one to be taken for granted, though. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of high school football players across America every year that don't come close to lower division offers.

His early success motivates him to experience more of it.

"It is a really big blessing," Patrick said with a sense of determination. "Not every kid has this opportunity, so I try as hard as I can to be the best that I can be because not a lot of people get to be in my shoes."

As far as his upcoming season goes, Patrick's high standard holds true in his mind. Nothing less than a win in the final game of the season will be good enough. And a few thousand yards along the way, too.

"We have a really good team so I am really looking forward to a state championship," he said. "As far as personal goals, I want to try to go for 2,000 or more yards."