Mailbag: Questions for FSU's linebackers

Earlier this week, we asked our Twitter followers to pose some questions to Florida State's linebacking corps, then we sat down with Nick Moody, Vince Williams and Christian Jones to get answers.

Here's what they had to say:

From @davidraider88: Do they feel like they have a chip on their shoulders as a position group since the media always talks about DL/DBs?

Moody: "We don't pay that stuff any mind, really. At all. If we all do good, we'll all get attention. If we all play good, they'll focus on all of us. The D-line's pressure helps us out. D-line's pressure helps the DBs out. The DBs covering helps the D-line get to the quarterback. It all works together."

From @SteveMatthews_: Which one of the O-linemen has been the toughest so far?

Jones: "They're looking real good. Tre Jackson, Josue, Menelik -- as a unit they all look real good."

From @EasySquidsJr: Which one of the young LBs has stood out the most?

Williams: "It's so funny, man, because it's been a long time since we've had some baby linebackers. … It's funny because they're just running around, don't really know what they're doing, just hitting people and -- it's like watching Pop Warner. And then they get yelled at and their eyes get big, but it's like, calm down, because you'll be fine."

OK, that's it for this week's mailbag. But follow us on Twitter at @DavidHaleESPN, @CDowlar and @ESPNNoleNation, and we'll get more of your questions answered next week.