Delvin Purifoy not ready for decision

Inside linebacker Delvin Purifoy (Pensacola, Fla./Catholic) figures to be one of the best at his position in the state for 2014.

With early offers from Florida State, South Alabama and South Florida, he's off to a good start. And he has reason to be interested in Florida too. But the 6-foot-2, 212-pound prospect isn't letting that get to him. Purifoy is taking it all in as it comes.

"It has been going pretty good," he said. "There are a few teams coming after me. A bunch of D-1 schools.

"I am just taking it in stride."

Florida State, just a couple of hours to the east, jumped in on the Purifoy sweepstakes early. The Pensacola linebacker's family has developed an affinity for the in-state program and wouldn't mind it if he ended up there.

In the end, though, it is Purifoy's decision. And he's not ready to make it yet.

"That is my school that my family wants, but I don't know yet," he mentioned. "I don't want to make a decision yet."

One of the Seminoles' chief rivals, Florida, has also begun to show a lot of interest in Purifoy. The way the Gators use their linebackers, and coach them up, appeals to the top junior.

"I like how their linebackers play," he said. "I like how their coaches break the drills down and show you exactly what you should be doing. And how they will help you change direction and affect the ball."

Catholic's 2012 season got underway, well, sort of, in a preseason jamboree last weekend. Purifoy was pleased with how he played, but knows he's got a long ways to go before preparing to make a postseason run.

"It was pretty good," said Purifoy. "I had about five tackles in the little quarter that we played. There are always some things I want to work on.

"I want to make over 100 tackles and just stay healthy this season."