Hunter apologizes for offensive tweets

Jimbo Fisher said the ban on Twitter remains in effect for Florida State players, but he hopes the team is ready to move on from the controversy this summer surrounding tweets from defensive back Tyler Hunter that encouraged violence against police officers.

Hunter, who has not spoken publicly since Fisher's Twitter ban went into effect last month, issued a statement through the school apologizing for his actions.

"It was a terrible mistake and something I wish I could take back," Hunter said in the statement. "I never meant to be hurtful and disrespectful to police officers and the families of fallen officers."

In July, Hunter complained on Twitter about treatment by police following a traffic stop, using lines from a rap song that included a call to "kill cops."

Hunter's tweets were not the only ones to stir controversy, though his were the most overt. Fisher shut down the use of Twitter completely among players, but Hunter received additional punishment after leaders of the Florida Fraternal Order of Police raised concerns with the university.

As part of Hunter's punishment, he performed several ride-alongs with local police.

"I've appreciated the time the Florida State police officers have spent with me educating me about their jobs and the jobs of other officers," Hunter said in the statement. "I've learned about the risks they take daily for our safety, the sacrifices they make and know it's not an easy job. Nothing should have caused me to quote or use words like that."

Fisher said he imposed strict disciplinary restrictions on Hunter since the incident, and he said he has been pleased with how the sophomore has responded.

"He's been very, very disciplined, never any issues anymore," Fisher said. "I think he realizes he made a critical mistake that's not indicative of who he is as a person. But he knows he was wrong -- and majorly wrong. He's really done a nice job of trying to change his image and what he's trying to be about."

Hunter is expected to be Florida State's nickel-defense cornerback this season, and Fisher said the sophomore will be available for Saturday's game against Murray State.

"He'll be playing, he'll be ready to roll," Fisher said. "He's gotten a greater appreciation for what those folks do and how wrong he was, and he understands that."