Field goals: Murray State

ESPN's NoleNation takes a look at three key areas of interest heading into Saturday's game.

Offensive line play

Let's face it. Florida State's offensive line will be a huge talent and size advantage on Saturday. And they should be able to run the football however and whenever they want, within reason, of course. Last year's Charleston Southern game wasn't as pretty as the 170 rushing yards might have suggested. Forty one of those yards came on the last play of the game by James Wilder Jr., and though there was a flag on the play for an offensive penalty that should have negated it, it was declined so the game could be finished. Of the other returning running backs, Chris Thompson averaged 3.5 yards per rush and Devonta Freeman contributed 2.5 per carry. Not especially spectacular, was it? There should be much more success on Saturday against Murray State. If not, well, there could be some question marks heading into the conference slate.

Play selection

There are two schools of thought, really. And this is definitely applicable for the first three weeks of the season. But I can't help but wonder if Coach Jimbo Fisher decides to put tons of stuff on the tape and make Clemson prepare for all of it, or conversely, show them absolutely nothing but vanilla. Do you turn Kelvin Benjamin loose yet? Do you show a ton of formations? I tend to think they will keep it simple, but I'm not in the planning meetings and they certainly wouldn't tell me anyway. One thing is for sure, the fans would like to see everything they have been hearing about in person.

Who plays and who doesn't

Florida State, for the most part, is a pretty deep team. Linebackers and offensive line aside, there are a lot of players who are talented and battle tested. But this new recruiting class is pretty loaded in it's own right. So then, who gets a redshirt and who steps in and contributes in game one? Does a guy like true freshman Sean Maguire take a couple of snaps at the end of the game to get his clock started and gain some separation with Jameis Winston? Safety P.J. Williams has plenty of physical tools, but he might be better off by taking a year to learn what he's doing out there? Either way, we'll have a full list of players who participated and those who didn't immediately following Saturday's game. It should be pretty evident by then.