Edwards, Casher will battle for work

The redshirt is coming off one of Florida State's freshman defensive ends. The question now is, which one?

Jimbo Fisher said Tuesday that either Mario Edwards Jr. or Chris Casher will move into the rotation at defensive end after Brandon Jenkins was lost for the year with a foot injury, but he's not likely to decide which one until seeing both players go through this week's practices.

"We'll see which one takes that next step and jumps up," Fisher said. "They'll be getting the reps. How fast things can change in 24 hours."

Monday afternoon, Fisher was adamant that both players would be redshirted for the season, and Edwards, the consensus No. 1 recruit in the nation a year ago, wasn't even dressed or on the sideline for Saturday's opener against Murray State when Jenkins got hurt.

Both players were in scout-team jerseys during Tuesday's early workouts in practice, but Fisher said Edwards and Casher will both get regular reps with the second-team defense in hopes the coaching staff can pin down which player deserves a chance Saturday against Savannah State.

"We'll put them with the twos, try to get them as many reps as we can and see which one is ready and can comprehend the game plan," Fisher said.

It's also possible both players could have their redshirts removed, and Fisher said he's been relatively pleased with how the two have progressed throughout the fall.

"Both have the ability to do those things (in a game)," Fisher said. "There's physical ability, and I was very pleased with the progress they were making in camp. We'll have to see how one of those two grab that opportunity."

Casher didn't play his senior season in high school, and at nearly 300 pounds, Edwards checks in on the heavy side for a defensive end.

Those are the primary reasons Fisher was aiming to redshirt the pair, but FSU is hopeful at least one can learn on the fly.

"Both of them compete," redshirt freshman Giorgio Newberry said. "They play with a motor, and I think once they get in -- they'll be nervous a few times, but after that, they'll be ready."