Givens has FSU at the top

Every trip to the mailbox has become an adventure.

Cortavious Givens (St. Petersburg, Fla./Admiral Farragut Academy) routinely gets double-digit letters from schools across the Southeast, including Florida State, Georgia and Tennessee. That recognition provides some justification to all the hard work he's put in to get to this point.

"It is real nice knowing that all my hard work and skills and everything are paying off and I'm not just doing it for nothing and coaches are seeing it," Givens said. "Not just in the Bay area, but coaches around the country have been seeing it, too."

The Seminoles, though, have sent the most mail by far. And it appears to be working.

The effort is appreciated by Givens, and for their appreciation of his ability, the 2014 running back has Florida State at the top of his list.

"Florida State is actually at the top now," he said. "I feel like they have a lot to offer and and all these letters and everything. I get to see pictures of the school and the buildings and all that stuff. Florida was on top, but I'd say Florida State now because they are showing a lot more interest. My options are still open, Florida State hasn't offered yet, but I am pretty sure they will."

Massachusetts is his only offer currently, but a lot of that has to do with his health from last year. Having suffered an ACL injury, many teams want to see what condition he is in.

The first step back to normalcy came last week.

"My first game back was Friday," he said. "I didn't really run the ball, but I played defense and I feel like I did pretty good. I had two sacks and a bunch of tackles, so I definitely feel more confident.

"I was down a lot being out there with them knowing I couldn't play in the state championship. I am definitely glad to be back playing with them."

As Givens alluded to, he also plays defense regularly. He might end up playing there permanently in the future.

That decision hasn't come yet, but it is on the table. It all depends on how things progress.

"Right now, I am not really sure where I want to play at," Givens said. "I talk to the coaches every day. Some people are telling me to play defense. I am at 210 now, so I am probably going to be about 230 by the time I graduate. We are thinking maybe defense, but we are not totally sure."

Givens will travel to Tallahassee, Fla., to see Florida State take on ACC foe Wake Forest on Sept. 15.