Fisher sees room to improve on offense

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Jimbo Fisher could list the ugly plays from memory.

EJ Manuel missed a sideline route to Rodney Smith. He overthrew Lonnie Pryor on a route that Pryor gave up on too soon. He had hands in his face too often throughout the game. There were a few drops by receivers, too.

It was a 52-0 win, but Fisher knows his offense could've played better.

"I've got it on the quarterback, I've got it on our protection, and I've got it on our receivers," Fisher said. "I think all three phases could do a better job."

Complaining about missed assignments and dropped balls are a luxury for a team that is now 3-0 for the first time since 2005 and has outscored its opposition 176-3 thus far.

But the task gets tougher this week with Clemson looming on the horizon, and Fisher aims to iron out any flaws in the offense.

Some of the problems were caused by Wake Forest's 3-4 scheme, which offered few surprises but still managed to prove a bit complex for Florida State's blockers. Right tackle Daniel Glauser looked bad on a number of plays in his first start of the season, while fullbacks and tight ends failed to pick up blitzes on several others, Fisher said.

"It was a little different," guard Tre Jackson said. "All we really came out trying to do was not mess it up. We continue to work and get better."

Glauser was in the lineup because starting right tackle Menelik Watson missed three practices this week with an ankle injury. Watson played in the second half, but Fisher said he was wary of giving the junior college transfer a lot of work against the unique Wake defense without the proper preparation.

The rest of the offensive line looked a bit perplexed at times, too, and at halftime, Manuel was just 5-of-11 passing for 75 yards. His production improved in the third quarter, but he was under duress throughout. The Florida State line allowed its first three sacks of the season.

But while the offensive line struggled at time in pass protection, the run blocking was stellar.

Florida State racked up 385 yards rushing Saturday, led by two long touchdown runs for Chris Thompson. Both runs went to the right side, with Jackson opening up the holes.

So while there remains work to be done on the line, Jackson said, it's tough not to celebrate the line's performance against Wake Forest.

"That's the best feeling as an offensive lineman you can have, when you set the block, open up the hole, and you see your running back bust through," he said. "You're just running behind him cheering him on."