Cortavious Givens loves visit to FSU

On the heels of playing a full football game on Friday night, 2014 running back Cortavious Givens (St. Petersburg, Fla./Admiral Farragut) beat the sun on Saturday morning leaving for Tallahassee at 4 a.m. to see Florida State host Wake Forest.

Expectedly tired, Givens didn't have any trouble waking up. The atmosphere and the experience provided all the energy he needed.

"I was definitely awake," he said. "It was live. I was awake."

There was a little confusion on where he was supposed to be initially, but once Givens found his way, he was welcomed by the coaching staff in a way that made him feel very comfortable. Givens felt like he was expected to be there.

"It was real good," he said of the visit. "From the time that I got there until the time that I left, it was real nice. I was out there tailgating and then I was trying to figure out where to go. Then I walked in and it was a warm greeting from the coaches. Everyone was like, 'There he is. There he is.' "

Florida State's offense racked up more than 385 yards rushing in their 52-0 win over the Demon Deacons -- an attractive stat to just about any running back.

Givens noticed the way the Seminoles rotated personnel in the backfield going from a smaller, shiftier Chris Thompson to the powerful James Wilder Jr. depending on the situation.

"I liked the way their running backs run," Givens observed. "I liked the way they shift their linebackers. I also like the different variety with their running backs how they have like James Wilder and Chris Thompson - a smaller and bigger back.

"I talked to Coach Dawsey a lot, but I forget who the other coach was, but I talked to him. Growing up, I always liked James Wilder and I liked how he ran the ball, so I talked to James after the game and I actually got a picture with him, too."

Coming into the weekend, Givens publicly stated that the Seminoles were his top team even though they had yet to offer. FSU did nothing to hurt themselves as a result of this visit as they actually widened the gap at the top.

"There isn't anybody else that can touch FSU right now," Givens said. "They are at the top of the list. There ain't anybody up there with them at the top of my list."