ACC a drag on FSU's title chances

The hype for Saturday's game is immense for two reasons: First, it's Clemson, and the Tigers represent the biggest potential stumbling block along Florida State's road to an ACC championship.

Second, there's simply not much else on this schedule to get too excited about. Last week's opponent, Wake Forest, might be the fifth-best team the Seminoles face this season, and that game ended in a 52-0 route.

The fact is, after Virginia Tech fell to Pittsburgh last week, Florida State and Clemson were left as the lone inhabitants of the ACC that could be reasonably considered elite.

That should make it a relatively easy path to a conference title, should FSU win this week. Beyond that, however, ESPN college football analyst Rod Gilmore writes that another down year in the ACC is going to make it awfully tough for Florida State to earn enough respect nationally to win a BCS title.

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