Treon Harris watches in-state rivals

Miami's biggest visit weekend took place Saturday as the hometown Hurricanes hosted No. 14 Florida State in one of the state's top rivalries.

Treon Harris (Miami/Booker T. Washington) was in attendance with several of his top-ranked teammates to see the state rivals go at it. From his neutral perspective, it was an enjoyable time.

"I was real excited watching the game,” he said. “Saw Florida State come out with the victory. I loved the experience."

Harris doesn't have any favorites, so it isn't a surprise that he wasn't cheering for either team. The junior just took the time to watch the game and take in a "surprising" atmosphere.

Although he's been offered by both the Seminoles and Hurricanes, Harris only met with the Miami coaches before the game as they were the host team and Harris was a guest of theirs.

"They were just seeing how I have been and how the season was going," Harris said.

The only remaining visit Harris has left on his schedule for now is Miami's game against Virginia Tech on November 1.

Recruiting is admittedly on the back burner for him. Winning a state championship and capping off an excellent junior season is the primary focus.

"We are playing pretty well, but we haven't played our best yet," said Harris. "Until we get that title, there is more work to do.

"Everybody is working hard trying to get back there."