Hoefeld enjoying relationship with coaches

Due to his busy schedule -- and distance from Tallahassee -- Ryan Hoefeld (New Orleans/Brother Martin) can't get to Florida State games as much as he'd like to.

That's fine, though. Just last week, the Seminoles came to see him.

"It was actually pretty cool. It is kind of hard for me to get out there. I try to get out there as much as I can, but it is definitely cool to see Coach [Dameyune] Craig to take some time to come out there and see me. Especially since they got in at like 4 a.m. from the game and he just came straight from there to New Orleans."

Offensive linemen have a tendency to get forgotten by fans. The Seminoles coaches know the importance, however, and are quick to show it.

"It definitely shows what they think of me," said Hoefeld. "I am committed, but they don't want to put me on the back burner. They want to continue the relationship."

Brother Martin and Hoefeld's senior season came to an end last week, so the 6-foot-3, 265-pound center says he's "focusing on college."

All in all, though, he's satisfied with his efforts on the year despite the fact the team failed to reach some of it's goals.

"I think I had a pretty good season," he said. "I think I got better from last year which is always good. I just felt like I had more of a dominant game. I felt like I could dominate in each game, not like last year where I would dominate here and there. I had some good run blocking and my pass blocking was really good. Couldn't really ask for a better season for myself."

The difference, Hoefeld thinks, was the main difference. He took lessons learned at Florida State's summer camp and from his offensive line coach to make big strides in his game. The result was some well deserved success.

"Technique was the main thing," said Hoefeld. "That is one thing that Coach Trickett focuses on and my high school coach focuses on. It is good that I am going to another technician. That is something that I struggled with before, but I felt like I got a lot better with that this year."

The three-star center was identified and offered at Florida State's first camp. He quickly committed to the Seminoles in early July.