Watch List OL plans to contact coaches

He didn't get to stay as long as he would have liked, but Corey Martinez (Tampa, Fla./Tampa Catholic) did make it to the Florida-Florida State game last Saturday.

On big-game weekends in Tallahassee, Fla., hotel rooms are hard to come by. And when time is limited to begin with, due to games on Fridays and the subsequent travel, travel plans become difficult.

Such was the situation for the ESPN Watch List offensive lineman who had to leave before the game's conclusion.

"I think the game went real well," Martinez said. "I got there kind of late because we had a game on Friday night. I had to drive up there and we got there right around three, right around kickoff. Didn't really get to speak to the coaches much. But watching the game, FSU did good, but I don't think they showed up to play Florida. I thought coming in that FSU was going to blow Florida out. I don't think Florida State was on top of their game.

"It was a short time that we had to spend there, but it was a good time."

Martinez would like to make up for some lost time. At some point during this week, if it already hasn't happened, he'll pick up the phone and dial one of the assistants.

"I will definitely call coach [Rick] Trickett or my recruiting coach, coach [Lawrence] Dawsey," he said. "I will probably give them a call this week. I am sure they want to see how I enjoyed the campus and things like that. I will definitely give them a call sometime this week."

Topics of discussion would probably include how the offensive line played. Martinez does try to get a more complete perspective of the game in addition to a narrow focus on the line.

His strategy is to divide up the game zooming in and out depending on the quarter.

"I like to enjoy all of it," he said. "I kind of do it by quarters. The first quarter, I say I will just watch both teams in general. Then in the second quarter, I will sit back and watch the different positions on the offensive line of both teams that are playing. I spend a good amount of time in each quarter just checking out the game in general, like the receivers, quarterbacks and running backs. Then I will set aside focusing the position I could possibly play, or where they want me to play at."

With the time for unofficial visits at an end, Martinez will turn his attention to the next few weeks. Sometime soon, he and his father will sit down and plan junior day trips and other unofficial visits they could take as soon as January.

Some SEC schools seem to be odds-on favorites for getting one.

"I will probably start planning some stuff with my dad," Martinez said. "I definitely want to go drive to see Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, but I don't know what time that will be. I am just not sure right now."