FSU LB Jones wants more sacks

Florida State linebacker Christian Jones may have led his team with 95 tackles last season, but there is one line on his stat sheet that stood out to him even more.

A big fat zero next to sacks.

Though the Seminoles racked up 36 total sacks as a team last year, 33 of them came from the defensive line. But the expectation around Tallahassee is that will change this upcoming season with Jeremy Pruitt taking over the defense. We have heard all spring about how he plans to use more blitzes, while getting his linebackers more aggressively involved.

Jones is thrilled.

"Last year, we didn’t have to blitz that much because we had a good D-line," he said in a recent interview. "Now, we have tons of blitzes, and we're just trying to get that stuff down and trying to learn it all. Overall, I’m for it because it allows us to make more plays and show everybody else our versatility and what we can do. We’re just ready to get it all done so we can go stop people."

For Jones, the addition to this part of his game is something he wants, especially since he decided to come back to school. Jones was on the fence about whether he should come back, after being given a third- or fourth-round draft grade. With Pruitt on board, he will be able to show NFL scouts and coaches that he can do more than just make the routine tackle.

In his career, Jones has six total sacks. He wants more in 2013 -- his final season.

"It kind of (stinks) not be able to have any sacks," Jones said. "That’s something coming out of high school I knew I was able to do. Not having sacks, there were definitely people wondering, 'Can you do that?' Yeah, I’ve been doing that since I was a kid. It’s going to be cool to show people that we have great athletes and I can do all that stuff."