FSU is not too far for OL Frank Ragnow

Florida State has gone far from home for offensive linemen before.

Jacob Farhenkrug, a junior college prospect playing in North Dakota, was sought out by the Seminoles in the Class of 2011. He has started 16 games in his career and will provide depth in 2013 if he can overcome a shoulder injury.

Then there was Menelik Watson, a recent draft pick of the Oakland Raiders.

Born in England, Watson would go on to play in a California junior college. Again, not exactly down the road from Tallahassee, but that worked out for the Seminoles just fine.

Perhaps Frank Ragnow (Victoria, Minn./Chanhassen) could be the next in the mold for Florida State. He certainly recognizes that it isn't ordinary for the Seminoles to recruit him out of Minnesota.

"Oh yeah, that's big time," he said. "Especially since it is so far."

Rick Trickett, the Seminoles offensive line coach, is very particular about who he goes after in his position group. Ragnow apparently fit what he is looking for early on and earned an offer.

The coach and his prospect now enjoy a good relationship.

"Yeah, I would say that I talk to Coach Trickett almost on a daily basis," Ragnow said.

"I love the guy. The other day, he said that I had better make sure and get my mother a Mother's Day present. He tells jokes. He says he can't wait to coach me up. We talk football, we talk life, we talk everything."

Coaches are accustomed to traveling wherever needed in pursuit of recruits, but traveling to the Minneapolis suburbs isn’t the usual destination for the FSU staff.

But Trickett is willing to make the 1,300-mile trip. He's has seen Ragnow once already this spring, and he'll be back soon enough.

"He came earlier in April," Ragnow said. "Then he said he is going to come another time to see me this spring."

While it's a task for the coaches, Ragnow faces the same dilemma. He's got offers ranging from California to Florida State and places everywhere in between such as Nebraska and Vanderbilt.

In order to make the best decision for him, he'd like to be able to see what he's getting into for himself. And that means a lot of miles and a lot of travel time.

Ragnow plans to go on multiple trips this summer, and Florida State is one of the destinations.

"I think I am definitely going to go and see all the schools that have offered me because I am pretty open right now and I should take a visit to these schools," he said. "I think it is fair. I should take a look at these schools because I never know which school would be perfect for me."

There's also Trickett’s personality to consider. He's not the type to baby his offensive linemen.

He's rough and tough and tells them exactly what he thinks. And it is not usually family friendly.

Ragnow understands all that. He knows as long as he understands it's for his own benefit, it can push him to new heights.

"Oh yeah, I think that hard-nosed guys get the best out of everyone," he said.

So even though he's up in Minnesota, distance and travel don't seem to be a major hindrance. And Florida State appears right in the thick of things.