Williams gets first workout with FSU coach

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Garrett Williams (Orlando, Fla./First Academy) is familiar with Florida State. Williams’ father Dayne played for FSU in the 1980s, so Garrett is familiar with campus.

But last week was his first chance to work with defensive ends coach Sal Sunseri in live action on the camp fields. And the four-star junior enjoyed all of it.

"The camp has been awesome," Williams said. "This has been my first time to be able to work on the field with Coach Sunseri. He has a lot of experience and is one of the best in the game, so I learned a lot."

Sunseri is a coach that doesn't hide his emotion. Old school in some ways, he's been around the game for a long time and has seen just about everything from a coach’s perspective.

It is this kind of knowledge and approach to the game that has Williams impressed.

"His style is perfect for me," he said. "The way he coaches, he coaches hard, but he also gives you praise when you do something right. He's really into it and intense, but when there is something good, he'll praise you, too."

After camping at Auburn, Williams earned an offer from the Tigers to go along with other offers from Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan State, Ohio State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Virginia.

While Williams’ recruiting is progressing, he admits he won't be thinking about it much when the season starts.

"I would say it is definitely coming along," he said. "I got to get to a lot of schools this summer, I was very thankful that I got to do that. I think when it gets to the spring, I will be even more far along. I'll probably take some time off with the season and focus on that. But during the spring, I'll have visited more schools and hopefully I can have a decision by the end of it."

Williams stars at tight end in addition to defensive end for his First Academy team. Some schools want him on offense, some on defense and a few want him for both.

In Tallahassee, he feels like defense would be his home if that's where eventually goes.

"At different schools, I would say that," Williams said. "At Florida State, this would be a good defense for me because I can play defensive end, but in 3-4 defenses, they play more like tackles. But for a school like Florida State, who plays four down linemen most of the time, I think I would be great at that. Especially with Coach Sunseri. I really like him and I really like defensive end here."