FSU tracks juco tackle Adam Duckett

Adam Duckett (Milledgeville, Ga./Georgia Military College) emerged on Florida State's radar late last winter as a possible grayshirt candidate.

At East River High School in Orlando, Fla., the 6-foot-7, 350-pound offensive tackle stuck out like a sore thumb -- not so difficult to imagine in the prep ranks.

Duckett chose to go the junior college route to work on his academics and refine his football skills. Florida State continues to trail his progress, but it looks like it will be a full two seasons before he is ready to make the jump to the next level.

"I talked to Coach [Rick] Trickett not too long ago," said Duckett. "I haven't really talked to anyone else since I have been here. They are the only college that has been talking to me.

"I will have to be here for the whole 18 months. They are just tracking me."

No other suitors have revealed themselves yet. But Duckett, as well as his coaches at Georgia Military College, expects that to change at the turn of the month.

"That's what they were saying," Duckett said. "Usually around September it picks up."

The move itself has been a challenge. Duckett isn't afforded the close proximity of those he is used to.

But it all has it's benefits, too. Growing up, he says, is one of them.

"Leaving my girlfriend back home and my family and stuff," Duckett said of the things that have challenged him. "Georgia isn't that far away from Orlando, Fla., but it is still an adjustment.

"I've seen myself become more independent and more responsible for my own actions and everything."

Instead of worrying about what schools will end up offering and showing interest as soon as next month, Duckett remains focused on being one of the top prospects in junior college. He won't worry if he doesn't experience immediate success, knowing that it is all a process filled with hard work and diligence.

"I want to be able to work my way into being one of the top tackles in junior college," he said. "It may not be this year, but I know I can do it."