FSU RB Wilder remains jailed, attorney says

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida State running back James Wilder Jr. is likely to remain in jail for several more days, according to his attorney, after the rising sophomore was arrested for a violation of his probation last week.

It’s expected Wilder’s next court appearance won’t occur until Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest, and his lawyer, Tim Jansen, said he’s hopeful the time served will be enough to fulfill all terms of Wilder’s probation.

"I'm hoping they'll give him time served and get him out," Jansen said. "Hopefully he can just get back to football."

Wilder has been in jail since turning himself in to authorities Friday. On Saturday, a judge issued a no bond based on Wilder's violation of probation, stemming from a failed breathalyzer test during a court-ordered work-camp day earlier this month.

The test showed Wilder's blood-alcohol content to be just 0.001, Jansen said. Despite the prosecution's agreement that a bond could be issued, Judge James C. Hankinson denied the request Saturday, in part because Wilder's parole officer said the running back has failed to complete any of his five court-mandated anger management classes.

That has left Wilder in jail for the past three days, and Jansen said it's now likely he'll remain there long enough to negate any need for further probation requirements.

Wilder was originally arrested in February on a felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer, but those charges were reduced in April. Wilder was sentenced to time in a work camp and ordered to complete five anger-management courses. According to Jansen, Wilder has completed four of those, despite reports from the parole officer, and said the breathalyzer test results were "completely bogus.”

If Wilder has completed the bulk of his anger management courses, Jansen said he thinks the prosecution will accept the additional time served in jail -- potentially nine or 10 days total -- in lieu of further work-camp days to complete Wilder's sentence.

Jansen said he has been in contact with Florida State officials, who have yet to punish Wilder. The school is not required to suspend Wilder because the charge is only a misdemeanor.

"It's very disappointing," Jansen said. "I'm in contact with the officials at FSU, and we've been working on this for a while."

Wilder appeared in 12 games last season, picking up 160 yards and one touchdown on 35 carries.