Giant OL Trenton Brown adds FSU offer

Florida State's coaches took advantage of the bye week by getting out on the road to scout and offer pitches to some of their top-rated recruits.

Offensive line coach Rick Trickett, always on the hunt for prospects to beef up his group in the trenches, even extended a new offer. While up in Georgia, Trickett made his interest in Trenton Brown (Albany, Ga./Georgia Military College) formal.

"I knew it was coming about two weeks ago, but it meant a lot to me from my favorite team growing up offering me a scholarship," he said. "They came on late for a reason and he told me why, but right now, I'd have to say it is between them, Florida and Oklahoma.

"They tell me that they want me and they need me."

Brown isn't exactly in the mold of the players Trickett brought in initially upon arriving in Tallahassee. No, there is nothing small or agile about this Georgia lineman.

He's a definite tackle at the next level, and a really large one at that.

"I am 6-9, 350 -- I wouldn't look good playing guard," he said.

The top group for Brown is essentially down to just three. The Gators, Seminoles and Sooners are all in regular contact with him whether by phone or electronically.

"I hear from Florida and Oklahoma every week," he said. "Oklahoma came on late, Florida has been in there since about February. I talk to Coach Muschamp and Coach Davis a lot. We talk a lot on Facebook or whatever. Coach Trickett talks to me every few weeks."

Instead of coming for a game weekend, Coach Trickett prefers that Brown takes a trip down to Tallahassee during the week to get an accurate depiction of what life is like at Florida State on a daily basis. And it sounds like that could happen sooner rather than later.

"I am supposed to go on a visit, an unofficial there," Brown said. "He wants me to come during the week so I can see how the actual practice is during the week. He feels like those weekend visits are just what a weekend visit is."

Brown won't be in attendance for the Florida-Florida State rivalry in late November. He won't be sitting at home either.

He will be on his official visit to Norman, Okla. -- his fifth and final one.

"I have an official visit to Oklahoma," he said. "I can't go to Florida or Florida State because Oklahoma will be my fifth one."

According to Brown, a final decision should be in by the end of November.