The Big Board: Managing missed tackles

The mantra for any defense preparing for Georgia Tech's triple option is the same: Stay on your assignments, mind your gaps, don't try to do too much.

For an FSU defense that hasn't faced a true option team in years, that may be a tall order, but it's also not its only concern.

As Florida racked up rushing yards and converted nearly half its third-down tries last week, one problem continued to haunt the Seminoles: Missed tackles.

"We lost contain. We had contain issues," Jimbo Fisher said. "We weren't supportive in contain. Guys were there, they just weren't pulling the pin. It happened on the scrambles and a couple counters that bounced outside."

That's out of character for Florida State's defense, which has thrived on gang tackling and athleticism on the perimeter throughout the season. When it has struggled though, the results have been obvious.