2013 snapshot: Richy Klepal

To gear up for signing day, and beyond, NoleNation takes a look at each Seminoles commitment in the Class of 2013.

Vitals: Offensive tackle Richy Klepal (Tampa, Fla./Plant), 6-foot-4, 285 pounds

Committed: July 17, 2012. Has already enrolled at Florida State.

ESPN.com grade: Not rated

ESPN.com rankings: Not rated

Picked Florida State over: Georgia, Miami, North Carolina, Mississippi, USF and Tennessee

State of the position: Florida State's offensive line will return largely intact in 2013 with one big exception. Right tackle Menelik Watson, after just his first year playing football, declared that he would enter the NFL draft. Reserve tackle Daniel Glauser also departed, having exhausted his eligibility. Depth, especially quality depth, is an issue.

ESPN.com scouting report: Klepal possesses the athleticism and size needed to play either tackle position. He demonstrates the ability to gain and sustain an immediate advantage when run blocking and has a frame that appears capable of supporting additional body mass over time. Playing out of both a two- and three-point stance, we see a prospect with the flexibility, agility and balance needed to play on his feet in space. He displays the ability to adjust his feet to quick change-of-direction movement. He runs well and is very effective getting out in front of screens and downfield. He demonstrates good upper body playing strength and strong hands, but will need to improve his immediate explosion when drive-blocking. He does not have the ability to consistently knock defenders off the ball. He comes off the ball with a flat back, good base and the leg drive needed to sustain blocks well down the field. He shows the initial quickness and athleticism needed to gain leverage on offset defensive linemen and can consistently get a hat on active first- and second-level defenders. He appears very capable of making all the run blocks at the next level. His long arms, quick hands and nimble feet should be assets in pass protection. He sets quickly with the ability to bend and slide to the deep set point without crossing his feet. Klepal has the athletic ability to recover and get out of trouble in space. He does a good job establishing his hands inside while working for extension. He must develop a more explosive initial punch vs. straight on power rushers and tends to give up too much ground at times, but he is a tough customer who finishes with a nasty attitude. Still, Klepal may need some time to develop physically before challenging for starting time.

Expected impact: Unfortunately, Klepal's college career has likely been stopped before it ever got started. After sustaining his fifth concussion in high school, Klepal went to the doctor's office to see if there was an underlying cause. It would turn out that there was and Klepal had to give up football to keep his quality of life, or his life itself, intact. The former four-star offensive lineman did tweet something along the lines of getting a second opinion soon, but that was never confirmed by the school. Regardless, Jimbo Fisher and company will honor his scholarship and he will be counted among the recruiting class when it is released by the school this February.