FSU Countdown: No. 5 Rashad Greene

Throughout the summer, Nole Nation will be counting down the 40 players we're projecting to make the biggest impact on the Seminoles' 2013 season, taking into consideration everything from experience to potential to their spot on the current depth chart.

Next up: No. 5 Rashad Greene

Position/Class: WR/Jr.

What he's done: Greene has been Florida State's most prolific receiver almost from the moment he set foot on campus in 2011. Despite missing four games as a freshman, he led FSU is virtually every receiving category, then topped those numbers as a sophomore by staying healthy all year. Combined, he's already recorded 95 career catches for 1,337 yards and 13 TDs. What's been missing for Green thus far has been consistency. While he's had five career games with 98 or more receiving yards, he's also had seven games of 30 yards or fewer.

Where he's at: While Greene has clearly been atop the pecking order at receiver in his first two seasons, he was always flanked by a deep supporting cast. In 2013, he's still got talent around him, but the leadership role is clearly his. With Rodney Smith gone and Greg Dent suspended indefinitely, Greene is the established veteran with the biggest expectations. He'll also be responsible for making life a bit easier for a new starting quarterback after spending the first two years of his career working with veteran EJ Manuel. Whether or not Greene gets another crack at punt return duties after an up-and-down 2012 performance in the role also remains to be seen.

What's to come: A large portion of Greene's inconsistency over the past two years can be chalked up to injury or the depth around him. When Greene was targeted in 2012, he was exceptional, catching 75 percent of the balls thrown his way -- second-best on the team -- and converting a team-high 34 first downs. He finished the season strong, too, recording at least five catches in five of his final seven games. All of that leads to some ramped up expectations for 2013 that Greene won't just occasionally be great, but will consistently affect games. He's more than capable, and in a year in which FSU has a bit less depth at receiver and needs a bit more reliability around its quarterback, Greene will be at the forefront. It's unlikely he'll suddenly match Duke's Jamison Crowder or Clemson's Sammy Watkins in terms of the glamor numbers because FSU's offense simply won't ask him to do so, but Greene should post career highs across the board again in 2013 and be well on his way toward climbing the upper echelon of the Seminoles record book.